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Source ( ddmrm_cpp_src.zip )
src: std::void.hpp; test: void_test.cpp;
Just an empty class.
src: class_fw.hpp
Class framework.
src: math::clamper.hpp; test: clamper_test.cpp
Several clamping methods.
src: math::hyp.hpp; test: hyp_test.cpp
Missing hyperbolic functions from standard math library.
src: math::trig.hpp; test: trig_test.cpp
Missing trigonometric functions from standard math library.
src: math::const_math.hpp
Miscellaneous math constants.
src: functional_modulus.hpp; test: functional_modulus_test.cpp
Explicit specialization of modulus<> template class for float, double and long double types.
STL extesions
src: stl_ext::assign.hpp; test: assign_test.cpp
Assigner class.
src: stl_ext::ternary.hpp; test: ternary_test.cpp
ternary function class.
src: stl_ext::triplet.hpp; test: triplet_test.cpp
triplet class. Pair have two members, triplet have three members, boost::tuple much more.
src: stl_ext::identity.hpp; test: identity_test.cpp
Identity functors.
My Proposals
Controlled access to members of namespace
Refined friend